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The October Rundown: Dan Feusse

Dan Feusse

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Every month, a member of MagicBell gives a rundown on what they're thinking about, watching, reading, buying, or hacking together to make better work and life habits.

Best purchase of 2021

A home coffee roaster. Hockey stick growth gets talked about a lot in tech. A hockey stick growth trend I experienced was my home coffee consumption when working remotely full-time. Drinking beans roasted the day before versus store-bought beans is like eating a tomato straight from the vine versus a tomato from Trader Joe’s. A bag of freshly roasted beans is also a great gift!

Can’t miss daily routine

My morning juice! My second best purchase of the year was a juicer. Breakfast most days is a cup of fresh juice with fresh, black coffee mentioned above. My favorite recipe is ginger, 3 stalks of celery, ½ a cucumber, 3 carrots, ½ a beet, and parsley. Fresh coffee and juice are my go-to’s for a productive morning.

What I’m watching

I jumped on the Sopranos bandwagon with the rest of the world, and am loving it. I’m not a mob movie guy - but being a lover of Mad Men - I was very curious about Matthew Weiner’s world before Don, Peggy, and crew.

Quote I’m thinking about

My favorite TV shows of all time are Mad Men (as mentioned) and Seinfeld. I was quite excited to listen to the Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Ferriss podcast. Jerry credited success with controlling every aspect of the show vs. delegation.

"The show was successful because I micromanaged it—every word, every line, every take, every edit, every casting.” Jerry Seinfeld

This quote slapped me in the face because I associate pure negativity with the word micromanage - but one of the best products made during my lifetime attributed its success to micromanagement. Whether it's right or wrong, that quote still has me thinking about product management processes.

Gift I wouldn’t mind receiving

Christmas is coming up. I’m asking Santa for an Ooni pizza oven. Homemade pizzas are a fun meal to serve at dinner parties. My current pizzas would not fly though. Maybe Ooni can help my guests and me out!

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