Segmented send

Learn how to send a notification to a segment of users

MagicBell allows you to create a notification specifying users by either their email address or their ID. Learn more.

However, you can also specify a group of users to notify. To that end, you can provide an SQL-like string to the notification.recipients.matches parameter.

  "notification": {
    "title": "We are processing your order",
    "recipients": [
        "matches": "*"


The matches string accepts a wildcard char: *, and these logic operators: =, AND and OR.

With these you form strings that MagicBell can use to search for existing users either by their email address, external ID or a custom attribute.

These are examples of valid strings that you can pass to the create notifications API endpoint:

  • Notify all users

  • Notify the user whose email is ""

    "email ="
  • Notify all users whose email starts with "dan"

    "email = dan@*"
  • Notify all users whose email's domain is ""

    "email = *"
  • Notify all users whose external ID ends with "001"

    "external_id = *001"
  • Notify all users that belong to the "Example" company

    " = Example"
  • Notify all users that belong to the "Example" company or their external ID starts with "AB"

    " = Example OR external_id = AB*"

Setting custom attributes

In order to take full advantage of this feature, we encourage you to set custom attributes on your MagicBell users. You can do it using our users API endpoints.