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We are on a mission to empower all product teams to build relevant notification experience for their users.

Why are we building MagicBell

The legendary investor Marc Andreessen considers leaving out payments from the browser as the internet's original sin. Similarly, we believe that notifications are the missing spec of the internet.

Meet the team

Collaborative, diverse, and passionate - we’re a globally located, tight-knit group that brings a library of unique skills to our work.

  • Hana Mohan
    Co-Founder and CEO

    Hana Mohan (she/her)


  • Josue Montano

    Josue Montano

    La Paz

  • Founding Frontend Developer

    Stephan Meijer (he/him)


  • Milena Malik
    Founding Art Director and Designer

    Milena Milak (she/her)


  • Chief of Staff

    Mark O'Toole (he/him)


  • Founding Product Designer

    Kevin Gray (he/him)



We are proud and humbled that some of the smartest people believe in our vision.

  • Y Combinator logo

    Y Combinator

  • Cherry Ventures logo

    Cherry Ventures

  • Connect Ventures

  • Christian Reber

    Christian Reber
    (CEO Pitch & Wunderlist)

  • Nicolas Dessaigne

    Nicolas Dessaigne
    (Co-founder of Algolia)

  • Marie Outtier

    Marie Outtier
    (Director of Product Management at Twitter)

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Let us prove that building a great notification system doesn’t have to take months.

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