MagicBell Documentation

Explore our guides and examples to integrate MagicBell.

Get a complete, multichannel notification system in under an hour!

First steps

We have designed MagicBell so you can get started without having to learn much about our product.

Sending Notifications

Try sending a test notification via code, or no-code

The Inbox

Play around with the Inbox in our playground, or add it to your web/mobile app!

Foundational concepts

Let's learn about some important MagicBell concepts now

Useful features

It's time to learn about some helpful features

The APIs

Time to explore the API

Get Help

  • If you are just starting, join our GitHub Discussions to contribute, follow along, and get help from our active community.
  • If you are a power user, access our Slack Community to brag about your integrations on top of powerful features like topics or Slack integrations. Let’s learn from each other!

The MagicBell Way

Our goal is for customers to have a notification system as fast as possible - in under 30 mins - and continue to wow day after day. We vow to continue to make MagicBell a more powerful tool without compromising ease of use.

Building a notification system in-house is hard! There's a lot of complexity and a wide breadth of features needed: the in-app experience, multiple channels (email, SMS, push), managing notification preferences, branding, and more.

MagicBell takes care of all the work, so you never have to think about notifications again! 🙂

Still Have Questions?

Contact us at, and we'll answer as soon as humanly possible! Or request a demo if you want to learn more.