MagicBell Libraries and SDKs

MagicBell provides a variety of SDKs, libraries, and developer tools to help you build applications that integrate with MagicBell.

Server-side SDKs

MagicBell's server-side SDKs reduce the complexity of integrating with our API. They provide convenient abstractions for common tasks like authentication, request signing, and error handling.

Web SDKs

MagicBell provides the following web client SDKs to enable integrations with the MagicBell user APIs, and provide prebuilt UI components, to create a notification center that lets you securely display notifications to your users.

Mobile device SDKs

Our mobile device SDKs help you create native applications for Apple and Android devices. They offer interfaces for common operations like fetching notifications, marking notifications as read, and opening notifications in your app.

Community libraries

The following is a list of community-supported libraries that we know about. These libraries can reduce your boilerplate, but are not supported by MagicBell, and we can’t speak to their accuracy or completeness.

MagicBell OpenAPI Specification

MagicBell's OpenAPI specification offers extensive developer tools, beginning with Postman collections.