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How MagicBell’s Notification Magic Helps Luminovo Boost Vendor Collaboration

A lot of coordination happens before your new laptop, phone, or video game console reaches your hands. Businesses in the electronics manufacturing industry must communicate with many different vendors around the world—and much of that process still relies on email and phone calls. Every time a manufacturer builds an Apple computer, for example, it must gather price quotes for various components, inquire about availability and delivery, make purchases, and ensure compliance. 

That’s where Bavaria-based entrepreneurs Timon Ruban and Sebastian Schaal saw an opportunity after it launched Luminovo. A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, Luminovo simplifies the complex quoting and procurement process for electronics developers, manufacturers, circuit board suppliers, and more. Using automation and AI to connect parts sellers and buyers, Luminovo is a central, seamless hub for electronics workflows.

The Challenge

A couple of years into its existence, Luminivo was a strong SasS product with a successful customer base. But after the team built a collaboration feature that allowed different users to view the same data, they knew that notifications were a must-have; real-time notifications would be a key part of helping users stay updated on projects and respond quickly to partners. 

“We wanted to do everything we could to avoid adding complexity to our software, and we knew a notification system would be really complex to implement,” Timon said. “We knew we could do it, but it would be a lot to maintain.”

Timon and Sebastian then remembered MagicBell, a startup with a mutual investor, German venture firm Cherry Ventures.

“MagicBell has become such a staple of our software.”

Timon Ruban, Founder and Managing Director, Luminovo

The Magic

Custom feature developed by the Luminovo team

“It’s self-service, and that’s the appeal.” 

Timon Ruban, Founder and Managing Director, Luminovo

The Results

“Customers were very happy about the notifications, and MagicBell has become such a staple of our software,” Timon said. 

A little more than a year later, the team is still discovering new ways to improve its platform with MagicBell’s notification system. 

“Our engineers have a bunch of ideas for problems we can solve or features we can improve with notifications,” Timon said. “We are big fans of team MagicBell.”

MagicBell is a perfect addition to collaborative and communication apps, enabling multi-channel notifications, and ensuring users stay on top of their work across browser, mobile, or in-app.

Unlock the full potential of your app with a perfect notification stack.

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