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STACKSI automates complex cybersecurity audits by extracting data from existing security policies, as well as orchestrating cross-department collaboration using a robust questionnaire. They use MagicBell to facilitate real-time, asynchronous collaboration within the platform.

STACKSI is a startup tackling one of the hottest areas in tech: cybersecurity. Fast-growing companies seeking to close business deals need to have solid cybersecurity policies in place -- but often don’t have the time, expertise, or budget to make that happen.

That’s where STACKSI comes in. Acting as a single source of truth that saves time and money, the platform automates complex cybersecurity audits by extracting data from existing security policies, as well as orchestrating cross-department collaboration using a robust questionnaire. Built during the COVID-19 lockdowns, the company’s valuable service has led to its rapid growth in just a matter of months.

The challenge

STACKSI’s smart platform reviews a company’s existing security policies, then “tags” employees from various departments like sales, engineering, and the C-suite to answer outlying questions, culminating in a comprehensive security policy.

The process requires significant back-and-forth within STACKSI’s interface, so in-platform notifications play a key role in ensuring a user-friendly workflow. The STACKSI team knew they needed a sophisticated notification system to facilitate real-time, asynchronous collaboration within the platform -- otherwise, users would have to hold repeated conference calls or see longer times to resolution.

“Before our team knew MagicBell existed, we would talk about how we wished something like this was on the market...It would have taken twice as long to do this on our own“

Emre Murray Mangir, CEO of STACKSI

The startup’s two-person founding team built the platform using an extremely bootstrapped model, and spent the first few months coding and refining the STACKSI platform with the goal of bringing a strong solution to market as quickly as possible.

When they started to map out their notification system build, they hit an “Oh My God” moment -- a basic system would require tons of code and long-term resources to maintain and evolve. After a month of constructing their own notification system, they realized that it didn’t line up with everything they wanted notifications to do.

The solution

When the STACKSI team discovered MagicBell, they decided to pilot it rather than continue building on their own notification system; the affordability and immediate integration made it a low-risk option.

The rollout was fast; the platform was able to provide customer-facing notifications within a day. Users received instant notifications if their input was needed on a questionnaire, with the ability to send the notification to multiple people across departments.

MagicBell’s customization features also allowed STACKSI to provide notifications on specific aspects of a question, and include helpful information within the notification to better guide users.

The results

MagicBell’s seamless integration was just what the STACKSI team needed, but at first, they found that customers weren’t interacting with the notifications as much as they’d hoped -- so MagicBell partnered with them to release additional functionalities.

Enabling STACKSI to provide notifications to users on a question-by-question basis increased engagement with the notification system, and reduced the time needed for STACKSI to deliver a finished product.

STACKSI is sticking with MagicBell for the long haul -- the team is even exploring MagicBell for in-house use. As the team experiments with changes to the platforms, rewrites for MagicBell have proven to be minor. And, the STACKSI team is in discussions with MagicBell to construct customized notification email newsletters based on user activity within the application.

Embedding MagicBell’s notification system has saved STACKSI hours (and thousands of dollars) every month, allowing them to spend more time on developing the most important parts of their booming business.

MagicBell is a perfect addition to collaborative and communication apps, enabling multi-channel notifications, and ensuring users stay on top of their work across browser, mobile, or in-app.

Unlock the full potential of your app with a perfect notification stack.

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