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50 Top JavaScript Conferences to Attend in 2022

Angela Stringfellow

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JavaScript is the most used programming language across the world and represents nearly 65% of all software development work. With dozens of libraries (such as React) and frameworks (such as Vue.js) based on JavaScript, it continues to influence the development world. A programming language that can be used for both client-side and server-side development, JavaScript is the language that enables web pages to be interactive. JavaScript, along with its libraries and frameworks, can also be used for building notification systems, developing mobile applications, and more.

Given its versatility and widespread use, most developers would do well to gain some experience working with JavaScript. Conferences remain one of the best ways for developers, software engineers, and other industry professionals to network and learn about the latest applications and industry developments.

In this guide, we’ve pulled together 50 of the best JavaScript conferences (including Node.js conferences, Next js conferences and React conferences) that take place each year worldwide. Several of these events were held virtually this year due to COVID-19, and you’ll find some excellent options for both in-person and remote access in 2022. Most of the conferences presented focus primarily on JavaScript programming, but we’ve also included some events that cover software programming at a high level or offer opportunities for a deep dive into related technologies.

Note that some JavaScript conferences haven’t yet announced dates, costs, or other details for their 2022 events at the time of publication. As most conferences are held around the same time each year, we’ve listed the JavaScript conferences below chronologically based on the upcoming event dates or the dates when the event took place in 2021.

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JavaScript Conferences in Q1 2022

  1. JSWorld Conference Africa

February 8, 2022


JSWorld Conference Africa

The 2022 JSWorld Conference Africa focuses on the future of JavaScript development worldwide with a special focus on local expertise. There will be 15 speakers present from countries such as Kenya and Egypt who will kick off the new year with this full day of talks and remote networking opportunities. Over 5,000 attendees are expected, and there will be time dedicated to more than 30 different software development topics.

Cost to Attend: Free

2. JSWorld Conference

February 9-11, 2022


JSWorld Conference

In addition to the local event based on Africa, the central JSWorld Conference will take place in Amsterdam during the second week of February. This 3-day, in-person event focuses on JavaScript development and will feature over 40 speakers and several free workshops. Attendees from over 50 countries are expected to be present to learn about new software technologies and performance tips.

Cost to Attend:

  • 1-day ticket: € 377,46
  • 3-day ticket: € 1.006,66

3. VUEJS Amsterdam

February 10-11, 2022


VUEJS Amsterdam

The Vuejs Amsterdam conference will take place alongside the JSWorld conference at Theater Amsterdam. This 2022 event will represent the 5-year anniversary of this gathering, and over 2,000 people will attend for the 2 days of workshops, talks, and community events. Visitors will have a chance to learn directly from Vue experts as they review specific JavaScript coding scenarios and real-world applications of the technology.

Cost to Attend:

  • VUEJS ticket: € 880,82
  • VUEJS & JSWORLD combo ticket (Feb. 9-11): € 1.006,66

4. ConFoo

February 23-25, 2022

Montreal, Canada


Confoo Montreal is a large multi-technology development conference that has been going on for 20 years. Last year’s event was completely virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while 2022 will feature both in-person and remote content. The speaker lineup has been finalized and will include 155 presentations by experts from around the world who will discuss practical programming tips and the latest technology trends.

Cost to Attend:

  • 3-day conference ticket: $845
  • 3-day virtual conference ticket: $545
  • The Science Behind Devops workshop: $700
  • Writing End-to-End Tests workshop: $700
  • Build a RESTful API with Symfony & API Platform workshop: $1,100
  • Deep Learning for the Web using TensorFlow.js workshop: $700

5. Strapi Conf

March 16-17, 2022


Strapi Conf

Strapi Conf is the first global user conference for Strapi, the open-source Node.js based headless CMS. The 2022 event will take place in March, and you can browse the website for content related to the 2021 conference while waiting for more details. The conference features multiple presentation stages and a full schedule of speakers, workshops, and career development sessions.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

6. React Day Bangalore

TBD, previously March 19-20, 2021

Bangalore, India

React Day Bangalore

React Day Bangalore is a popular conference that focuses on the open source React and React Native UI software platforms. Last year’s 2-day event brought together over 2,000 developers to view the talks featuring some of India’s best programming talent. The details for React Day 2022 are likely to be posted soon on the main conference website including the list of speakers, organizers, and sponsors.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

7. CityJS Conference

March 23-25, 2022

London, United Kingdom

CityJS Conference

CityJS is a major JavaScript conference that will be held in London at the Regent Street Cinema, taking place over 3 days. The event draws over 5,000 developers and features workshops and speakers covering core JavaScript topics like JS Frameworks, Next.js, Node.js and TypeScript. The organizers also offer a limited number of free tickets each year as scholarships for students who may otherwise have difficulty attending.

Cost to Attend: £100 (super early bird ticket)

8. SmashingConf SF 2022

March 28-31, 2022

San Francisco, California

SmashingConf SF 2022

Smashing Conference 2022 is a small and focused gathering of 400 attendees that will take place at Fort Mason in San Francisco over 4 days. This year’s event requires all visitors to be fully vaccinated. The agenda includes 14 speakers and 8 workshops and provides an opportunity to network in a more intimate and comfortable setting. With a focus on front-end development and user experience, JavaScript experts are sure to find some useful content.

Cost to Attend:

  • Happy Ticket (limited early-bird): $649
  • Regular Ticket: $699

9. EmberConf

TBD, previously March 29-30, 2021



EmberConf is the premier annual conference for the open-source JavaScript Ember.js framework. The Ember core team and expert users gather to share insights and the latest developments among the software community. Conference details for 2022 are still pending, but the event is likely to include keynote speakers, sponsored chatrooms, and community-building opportunities like last year.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

JavaScript Conferences in Q2 2022

10. StaffPlus New York 2022

April 4-5, 2022

New York, New York

StaffPlus New York 2022

StaffPlus New York is an important annual event for the LeadDev software engineering community. This conference takes time to explore senior programming leadership roles and teaches attendees how to influence projects and scale their software solutions. The primary workshop for this 2022 event is titled “Leading without authority as a Staff+ Engineer,” which will be led by technology leader Pat Kua.

Cost to Attend:

  • All-Access Pass (Conference and a Staff+Engineer Workshop): $1,799
  • Early Bird Conference Ticket: $749
  • Standard Conference Ticket: $949

11. Vueconf US

TBD, previously April 14, 2021

Location TBD

Vueconf US

The official dates and location for Vueconf US have not yet been announced, but there will be an in-person gathering in the coming year. Evan You, the creator of Vue.js, is the host of Vueconf and will introduce the latest features of the Vue application. Additional speakers will be discussing other important topics such as component testing, APIs, and tutorials for newer users.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

12. React Miami

April 18-19, 2022

Miami, Florida

React Miami

React Miami 2022 will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center over two days, bringing together over 400 React developers. Topics featured at the conference include technical writing, web3, and the latest news about React software. Ticket holders for React Miami will also have access to the eMerge Americas Conference scheduled to take place during the same week.

Cost to Attend: $599-899

13. HolyJS

TBD, previously April 20-23, 2021

Location TBD, 2021 held online


HolyJS is an annual conference for JavaScript developers offering frontend talks and networking sessions featuring industry leaders. This year’s event was held virtually, and details are still pending for next year’s 2022 plan. The focus of HolyJS is the developer community with plenty of time devoted to networking, learning, and talks about backend development and desktop applications.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

14. International JavaScript Conference (iJS) London

April 25-28, 2022

London, United Kingdom

International JavaScript Conference (iJS) London

For the 2022 iJS Conference, attendees will have the option to attend in-person or via remote access. This hybrid format is provided for maximum flexibility to manage the large amount of content over the 4 full days of the event. Discussions at iJS will include major industry trends, the latest JavaScript technology, and introductions to practical tools and resources.

Cost to Attend:

  • 4-Day Pass: £926-1,129 (£647-1,029 for Remote Pass)
  • 3-Day Pass: £719-1,129 (£512-929 for Remote Pass)
  • 2-Day Pass: £602-929 (£422-719 for Remote Pass)
  • Conference Day: £467-669
  • Workshop Day: £467-669 (£323-619 for Remote Pass)
  • Fullstack Day: £467-669 (£323-619 for Remote Pass)

15. React Finland

May 30 – June 3, 2022


React Finland

The organizers of React Finland have built this conference for the large community of software developers in the region. The 2022 event will be a hybrid experience with both in-person and remote access. Many of the conference sessions are structured to facilitate dialogue between speakers and attendees with plenty of time for questions and answers.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

16. JSConf Budapest

June 2-3, 2022

Budapest, Hungary

JSConf Budapest

JSConf is a nonprofit organization that seeks to bring together members of the JavaScript community from around the Eastern and Middle Europe regions. The event was first launched in 2015, and the 2022 event will feature 24 speakers covering a diverse set of topics including coding, Node.js, Next.js, and core web vitals. JSConf also has a simple pricing structure, making the event accessible to employees, independent developers, and students.

Cost to Attend: €311

17. OpenJS World

June 7-8, 2022

Austin, Texas

OpenJS World

The OpenJS Foundation is a Linux Foundation project and hosts the annual OpenJS World event to create a stronger ecosystem for the JavaScript community. OpenJS World 2021 was held as a free and completely virtual event featuring keynotes and live-streamed talks from experts around the world. Details for 2022 are still pending, but it will take place at the JW Marriott hotel in downtown Austin in early June.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

18. React Norway

TBD, previously June 9, 2021


React Norway

React Day Norway was last held in June 2021 as a completely virtual event taking place on a single day. The sessions were live-streamed across the world and included talks by leading JS consultants, software engineers, and programming managers. We are still waiting to hear details about the plan for 2022, but their Twitter feed indicates it will be held in-person in Norway.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

19. JS Nation

TBD, previously June 9-11, 2021

Location TBD, 2021 held online

JS Nation

JS Nation is one of the largest JavaScript conferences. The 2021 remote event included over 35 speakers and was attended by more than 25,000 participants worldwide. The 3-day event includes opportunities for in-depth learning and direct feedback from technical experts and other JavaScript professionals. While waiting for the official 2022 announcement, you can view recordings from previous speakers on the website to get a feel for the type of content that is offered.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

20. React Summit Amsterdam

June 17 (in-person) and 21 (remote), 2022

Amsterdam, Netherlands

React Summit Amsterdam

The React Summit is the largest React conference in the world and receives over 25,000 developers each year. The 2022 gathering will take place in June and include more than 60 speakers divided among two tracks (Base Camp and Summit). It is geared towards front-end and full-stack developers and will have several sessions that touch upon JavaScript-related topics.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced


June 29, 2022

Tel-Aviv, Israel


NodeTLV is a popular international Node.js conference that takes place each year in Israel. The 2022 event will take place at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel-Aviv and feature a full day of content for JS backend developers and other members of the community. The 2021 NodeTLV conference was completely sold out, and this is sure to be another great chance to network and learn alongside industry peers and experts.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

JavaScript Conferences in Q3 2022

22. HalfStack Newquay

July 1, 2022

New Quay, Wales, UK

HalfStack Newquay

The HalfStack conference brings together local developers and professionals from the southwest United Kingdom and other areas. Many technology areas are covered at the conference including front-end development, JavaScript, and web applications. The inaugural event was delayed due to COVID-19, so HalfStack 2022 will be the official kickoff of this relaxed and engaging gathering.

Cost to Attend:

  • Early Bird: sold out, standard ticket prices coming soon
  • Early Bird (Team): £875 (6 tickets for the price of 5)

23. JS Day

TBD, previously July 6-7, 2021

Location TBD, 2021 held online

JS Day

JS Day has been going on in Italy for over 10 years and is organized by the PHP association GrUSP. The event usually takes place in Italy but was held remotely in 2021 due to COVID-19. As an international event, JS Day sessions are held in English with some local workshops taking place in Italian. Details for 2022 are likely to be posted soon on the official website.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

24. NG Rome

TBD, previously July 9, 2021

Location TBD, 2021 held online

NG Rome

NG Rome is a non-profit community that hosts the largest international Angular conference in Italy and is a popular event for developers throughout Europe. The 2021 event was held online and offered completely free for all attendees. Organizers of NG Rome also devote significant effort to creating education initiatives and meetups throughout the year for those who wish to engage with other software developers and professionals.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

25. Chain React

TBD, previously July 11-12, 2019

Portland, Oregon

Chain React

Chain React hosts members of the React Native community including companies, developers, and other industry leaders. There were no conferences held in the last 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the 2022 event will return to Portland. With a focus on React and React Native, this is a great opportunity to connect with other software professionals and discuss JavaScript applications.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

26. JSCamp

TBD, Previously July 15-16, 2021

Location TBD, 2021 held online


JSCamp is an international conference that is based out of Barcelona, Spain. The 2021 event was held virtually and featured dozens of engaging talks from a diverse set of speakers from Europe and around the world. This conference also attracts attendees from throughout the world. Details for 2022 are expected to be announced shortly.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

27. JavaScript & Friends

TBD, Previously Aug 19-20, 2021

Location TBD, 2021 held online

 JavaScript & Friends

The JavaScript and Friends Conference combines traditional talks and networking sessions with a dedicated workshop day. Each year they bring together 200 JavaScript developers to participate in the sessions and learn new perspectives and skills in a dynamic environment. The small conference size enables detailed discussions among those who register to attend.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

28. React Native EU

TBD, previously September 1-2, 2021

Location TBD, 2021 held online

React Native EU

React Native EU (RNEU) is a community-driven conference and the only event focused entirely on the Reactive Native UI framework. It has been held in Europe since 2017, with the 2020 and 2021 events taking place online due to COVID-19. Key highlights of this conference include high-tech content, access to React Native experts, and significant time devoted to question-and-answer sessions.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

JavaScript Conferences in Q4 2022

29. React Day New York

TBD, previously October 5, 2021

Location TBD, 2021 held online

React Day New York

React Day New York was recently held as a completely free online conference that took place over a single day. International speakers from the 2021 event included experts in backend development, native apps, and headless architecture. Bookmark their website to follow-up on details for the 2022 conference and access the job board, livestream recordings, and other information presented.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

30. Nordic.js

October 6-7, 2022

Stockholm, Sweden


Nordic.js takes place each year in Stockholm. It was postponed in 2020 and 2021 because of COVID-19 but is scheduled to return in 2022. This is a single-track JavaScript event that gathers experts from around the world. Over 1,000 attendees are expected for 2022, and Nordic.js gives visitors an opportunity to make 5-minute presentations during the unique lightning talk sessions.

Cost to Attend: 6400 SEK

31. NodeConf Remote

TBD, previously October 18-21, 2021


NodeConf Remote

NodeConf Remote is Europe’s largest Node.js conference. It was first held in 2020 and organized by NodeConf UE. In 2021, the event drew an audience of over 3,500 professionals from 96 countries around the world. A schedule and agenda for 2022 will be available over the next several months and will likely follow the basic structure for the last 4-day event.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

32. International JavaScript Conference (iJS New York)

Fall, 2022

New York, New York

International JavaScript Conference (iJS New York)

The International JavaScript Conference will take place again in the fall of 2022 in New York City. Tickets for this upcoming event are available with online or in-person access to the content, giving attendees maximum flexibility. Topics to be presented include Angular, JAMstack, and React software platforms, along with additional JavaScript insights from leading experts.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

33. JS Fest

TBD, previously October 30-31, 2020

Kyiv, Ukraine

JS Fest

JS Fest 2022 will feature a complete lineup of international speakers who will cover topics from front-end to back-end development. The conference has been on hold since 2019 due to the pandemic. Attendees will gain insights into the latest trends related to JS Apps, with additional topics including architecture, artificial intelligence, and application security.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced


TBD, previously November 8-10, 2021

Atlanta, Georgia


CONNECT.TECH is the largest multi-framework front-end development conference in the United States and was recently held in Atlanta at the Cobb Galleria. Several of the sessions are devoted to web design, mobile applications, and JavaScript technologies. The 2021 event featured 4 tracks, over 50 speaker sessions, and 5 workshops with detailed instruction from leading experts.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

35. Angularday

TBD, previously November 12, 2021

Location TBD, 2021 held online


Angular day is organized by the PHP non-profit organization GrUSP and is the premier conference in Italy focused on the Angular web framework. A web edition of the conference was held in November 2021 and covered how to configure and use Angular with Tensurflow.js and other programming configurations. Visitors to the website can sign up for their email newsletter to receive the latest updates about future events.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

36. React India

TBD, previously November 11-13, 2021

Location TBD, 2021 held online

React India

React India is a popular conference for the open-source front-end JavaScript library React. The 2021 conference was held as a remote stream, and the organizers are expecting to host an in-person event in 2022. This year featured a diverse group of over 20 speakers, and next year is sure to bring another great group to India for more talks, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

37. DeveloperWeek JavaScript Conference

TBD, previously November 17-18, 2021

Austin, Texas

DeveloperWeek JavaScript Conference

DeveloperWeek Austin is a large multi-day JavaScript conference that covers both front-end and back-end development frameworks. The event is likely to return to Austin in 2022, and over 3,000 developers and professionals are likely to attend. This conference is also part of the larger DeveloperWeek network, providing tons of opportunities for extended learning and training.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

38. Build Stuff

TBD, previously November 17-19, 2021

Vilnius, Lithuania

Build Stuff

Build Stuff is a hybrid software development conference that has been held for the past 10 years. The structure of the 2021 event included 7 tracks taking place over 3 days with over 10,000 attendees. Limited seating in Vilnius was offered, although the 2022 event may be able to grow larger. Look out for updates on their website to plan your trip to Lithuania in the coming year.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

39. VueConf Toronto

November 22-23, 2021

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

VueConf Toronto

VueConf Toronto is a large conference in Canada that gathers over 10,000 developers to discuss the latest Vue.js developments and applications. Twenty speakers were featured in 2021. The organizers offer a free ticket with limited access, making this conference very accessible to a global audience. Additional content includes a networking area, Q&A sessions, and mini concept workshops.

Cost to Attend:

  • Regular Conference Ticket: free
  • Full-Access Conference Ticket: $49

40. WeAreDevelopers JavaScript Congress

November 23-25, 2021


WeAreDevelopers JavaScript Congress

JavaScript Congress is hosted by WeAreDevelopers and is available as an online conference for 2021. Core topics during the 3 days of sessions include machine learning, security, testing, and DevOps. Those looking to explore the latest JavaScript technology trends can take advantage of the multiple tracks offered to make the most out of their time.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

41. Fwdays: JS is Back!

November 27, 2021


Fwdays: JS is Back!

Fwdays is an online conference for JavaScript developers that takes place over one full day on November 27th with additional days of available content on November 23-25. The program is broken into two tracks (yellow and blue) that give attendees a choice between the major topic threads including Node.js and front-end performance. There are many opportunities to network during Fwdays, and several panels, talks, and tutorials are planned.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

42. EnterpriseNG

December 2-3, 2021



The EnterpriseNG conference focuses on large-scale Angular app development and includes technical breakouts covering testing and composition. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Angular applications and how to create high-performance software programs. The agenda also features keynote speeches from Google software engineers Igor Minar and Mark Thompson.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

43. GOTO Amsterdam

December 6-9, 2021

Amsterdam, Netherlands

GOTO Amsterdam

GOTO Amsterdam is a popular software development conference that was created to engage the entire community. The 2021 event will take place at Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam and feature developers, software managers, and architects from around the world. Over 4 days, visitors will have access to a full schedule of content. Attendance is limited to 500 people for 2021.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

44. React Europe

December 9-10, 2021

Online, 2022 announced as in-person

React Europe

React Europe is considered the first conference in the region that is focused on the React platform. The detailed schedule and ticket information for the 2021 event are expected soon, and people can also register to stream the content online for free. Organizers for React Europe have announced their intention to bring back the in-person event for 2022 with plenty of time to accept new paper submissions and sponsors.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

45. ReactNext

December 15, 2021

Tel Aviv, Israel


ReactNext is the largest React conference hosted in Israel and has taken place annually over the last 4 years. Over 1,000 developers attend each year from the region and from countries around the world. This conference focuses on emerging technology trends and is a great forum for JavaScript experts and those who work closely with React software.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

46. DevTernity

December 10-11, 2021



DevTernity is among the top 3 international development conferences in Europe and takes place over 2 days. The organizers have chosen talks that focus on practical software development advice and tangible ideas that developers can apply to their daily work. Over 20 speakers are expected, and the schedule is divided into 3 tracks that cover topics such as decremental development, system design, and domain-driven refactoring.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

47. XtremeJS Online Conference

December 23, 2021


XtremeJS Online Conference

The XtremeJS Online Conference takes place at the end of 2021 and is expected to gather a large audience of JavaScript professionals from around the world. Topics announced for the session include the future of JavaScript, JS coding projects, and front-end architectures. The organizers also take time to develop the community, and attendees will have access to a private Facebook group to keep in touch before, during, and after the event.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

48. ReactiveConf


Prague, Czech Republic


The 6th annual ReactiveConf will take place in Prague during 2022 with more details to be announced shortly. The conference will feature 3 stages and is expected to draw an audience of over 1,200 attendees. Two-hour talks will be presented throughout the event on the main stage with plenty of time for Q&A to discuss the most pressing topics influencing the React, Vue.js, and Reason communities.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

49. Reactiflux




Reactiflux hosts several workshops and learning opportunities for the React community throughout the year. No 2022 dates have been announced yet, but they aim to host 1-2 Q&A sessions each month that are attended by Facebook engineers. You can get real-time updates on Twitter, and they also have a Discord channel to interact directly with moderators for each session.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced

50. Reactive Meetups



Reactive Meetups

Reactive Meetups Prague is an active group of over 1,000 software development professionals and enthusiasts from throughout Europe. They share regular in-person and virtual events on their Meetup page and Twitter feed. There are certain to be some announcements soon for 2022 activity. This group is an excellent resource to discuss cross-platform topics and meet new professional contacts and friends.

Cost to Attend: Not yet announced