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Your Complete In-App Notification Inbox

Save hundreds of hours of design and coding work with a customizable, scalable notification inbox that syncs in real-time.

Built by Developers, for Developers

  • Simple & Fast Integration

    Building in-app notifications the old way would take a team of engineers & designers to work on it for months. With MagicBell, you get all this and more in under an hour.

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  • Channels "All-Inclusive"

    MagicBell supports a wide range of notification channels for any app. Web, mobile, email, Slack or SMS? We got you covered!

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  • React Headless Library

    Use a full-blown React Native library to build a notification inbox that would look and feel native to your app.

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In-App Notification Inbox in Action

MagicBell in-app notification inbox is a perfect addition to collaborative apps. It enables multi-channel notifications and ensures users stay on top of their work across browser, mobile, or in-app.

Launch in an hour

Let us prove that building a great notification system doesn’t have to take months.

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