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Your Complete In-App Notification Inbox

Save hundreds of hours of design and coding work with a customizable, scalable notification inbox that syncs in real-time.

import MagicBell, { FloatingNotificationInbox } from '@magicbell/magicbell-react';
export function Notifications() {
return (
{(props) => (
<FloatingNotificationInbox {...props} />

Built by Developers, for Developers

  • Simple & Fast Integration

    Building in-app notifications the old way would take a team of engineers & designers to work on it for months. With MagicBell, you get all this and more in under an hour.

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  • Channels "All-Inclusive"

    MagicBell supports a wide range of notification channels for any app. Web, mobile, email, Slack or SMS? We got you covered!

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  • React Headless Library

    Use a full-blown React Native library to build a notification inbox that would look and feel native to your app.

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In-App Notification Inbox in Action

MagicBell in-app notification inbox is a perfect addition to collaborative apps. It enables multi-channel notifications and ensures users stay on top of their work across browser, mobile, or in-app.

Browser Push Notifications vs. In-App Notifications

While both browser push and in-app notifications can deliver messages to your users, there are contextual differences you should know about.

In-App NotificationsvsWeb Push

  • Momentum

    In-app notifications reach your users only when they're actively engaged with your app.


    Push notifications can reach users even when they’re not using your app.

    Web Push

  • Consent

    In-app notifications require no legal consent. If the user doesn't proactively disable notifications from your app, it will be sent to the device.


    Web push notifications need a user’s consent before they can be delivered.

    Web Push

  • Content

    There is no word count or default UI you must consider before designing your in-app notification.


    Web push has prime real estate right on your users' desktop, but it is limited in the copy length and visuals you can add.

    Web Push

Save time and money. Focus on your core features and let us handle the notifications.

Launch in an hour

Let us prove that building a great notification system doesn’t have to take months.

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