Email Layouts

Email layouts are a great way to add HTML content around your notifications, like a header or a footer. They apply to all notifications sent through the email channel.

If you use template in your email provider (via overrides), all the rendering happens there, and MagicBell ignores the layout and any templates.

How to compose email layouts

Go to Settings Channels and select Edit Layout under the Email channel. Here you can specify your layout according to the following rules.

When the email layout is left empty, email notifications will render either:

  • {{ notification.content }} for uncategorized notifications or categories without a channel template
  • the channel template, when a category is specified, and an email channel template defined for that category

If the email layout is specified, you can use HTML and the {{ template.content }} merge tag, which is replaced by either the notification content or the rendered channel template, as explained above.

You can set up one email layout per project.