Compose a Notification

Send notifications from the MagicBell dashboard without writing any code!

The Compose page, in the MagicBell dashboard lets you send notifications to selected users or every user in your MagicBell user list.

It is a great way to test-drive MagicBell when you are getting started!


All we need are a few details.


Type in or select recipients with their email. If you type in a new email, we will create a new user record automatically. You can select everyone to notify your entire user base.

The users list (and `everyone`) is all the users [created using the users API](/docs/rest-api/reference#create-a-user) or previously notified. You can see the entire list on the Users page.


The title will be the subject of emails, and the first, bolded line for in-app notifications.


Content is the body of your notification - the message you want to pass onto users. Content will be the body of an email and below the notification title for in-app notifications.

The content input supports HTML. You can insert a header, image, and other HTML tags. You can generate HTML for rich notifications on this page.


Categories control the delivery channels that the notification will be delivered on, as well as the template for different channels. It is an optional input.

Action URL

Clicking the notification directs the user to the action URL. It is an optional input.