How to send a notification to all users

Two options

  • Programatically
  • Using the UI


All users can receive a notification by using Segmented Send. In notification.recipients, include the matches attribute with a * as the value. Now, all users will receive the notification!

  "notification": {
    "title": "We are processing your order",
    "recipients": [
        "matches": "*"

The UI

To send a notification to all users, simply open Compose, click Recipients, and select Everyone.

FAQ: Can you be more specific when you say all users receive announcements?

An announcement will be sent to all users who have logged into your application and used MagicBell, or recieved a notification in the past. Otherwise, we do not know the user exists.

Sync your users

Make sure your users are synced with MagicBell by using our create users API to add a user each time one is added to your system.