Compose Notification UI

How to send a notification from the MagicBell dashboard

Sometimes you may not want to send notifications programmatically. Perhaps there's a product update to make all users aware of, or a promotion to send to a group of users. You can even test notifications by sending one-offs to yourself.

The Compose feature is the way to send notifications using our application's interface instead of the API.


Enter the email addresses or external IDs of the desired recipients.

Soon our team will release Announcements. You will be able to select All Users to send a notification to all users easily.

If the Announcements feature would be valuable for you - and you want to send notifications to all users as soon as possible - email!

Notification title

The title will be the subject of emails, and the first, bolded line for in-app notifications.


Content is the body of your notification - the message you want to pass onto users. Content will be the body of an email and below the notification title for in-app notifications.

The content input supports HTML. You can insert header, image, and other HTML tags.

Action URL

Clicking the notification directs the user to the action URL.