Safari Notifications

Setup Safari web push notifications on MagicBell

To deliver push notifications from your web app you need to register a new web push identifier and create a key for it in the Apple Push Notification service (APNs). MagicBell will use P12 tokens to authenticate requests made to the APNs.

  1. Login to your Apple developer account and click on Certificates, IDs & Profiles.
  2. Open the Identifiers page and click on the plus icon to register a new identifier. Select Website push IDs and press Continue.
  3. Fill in the form, press Continue and then Register.
  4. Open Certificates and click the plus icon. Choose Website Push ID Certificate, and press Continue.
  5. In the next screen select a Website Push ID for this certificate. Now you have to upload a certificate — follow the instructions on that page if you don't know how to generate one.
  6. Now, download the generated certificate and open it in the Keychain app. Right click on it and select the export option from the context menu. Export the certificate in p12 format.

Deliver web push notifications in Safari

To configure Safari web push notifications for your MagicBell project, follow these steps:

  1. From the Settings > Providers page in your dashboard, select Web Push > Safari APNs.
  2. Enable the provider and complete the required fields, then click Save.

MagicBell requires the p12 cert and p12 pass. Website Name (Website Push ID) and URL format string are optional.